About Department of Computer Science

The center was the driving force behind the designing of the B.Sc syllabus for computer science in 1984, and its subsequent implementation in the constituent colleges by rendering teaching services. In 1985, the center was upgraded to the status of the full fledged department thus enabling it to launch M.Sc program. In 1986, the department got its own building which had relatively more space. (Click Here to See the Physical Location) In 1998-99, the department succeeded in approving the commencement of the BCS program (Bachelor of Computer Science) and in acquiring a bigger place which has almost double accomodation.Presently, the Department offers M.Sc. Computer Science and BCS programmes in the morning and evening respectively. The Department also started BIT programme (Bachelor of Information Technology), both in morning and evening in the year 2002. Evening classes run under self finance scheme. In 2005, the MS (Computer Science)is added to the existing academic programs. The program of M.Sc. was revised and renamed as B.Sc. (Hons.) program.


Students receive a high standard of education. The teaching methods include a combination of lectures, seminars, practical sessions, field visits, and students can benefit from lecturers advice and support throughout their time at Department of Computer Science. The simple proof of this spirit of development is that the department is having 5 laboratories and one hardware laboratory equipped with latest equipment/ computers well furnished and air conditioned, each accomodating 40 students at a time. The internet being the which is the most wanted facility for updating and collection of latest information is also adequately available to students/ faculty staff. The department is equipped with teaching aids such as over head projectors and multimedia projectors for onscreen demonstrations. There are several multimedia projectors and overhead projectors for teachers and students use.

Students Enrolled

Currently there are more than 1000 students in the department. The students of the final year have to work on a project under the supervision of faculty members and submit copies of their theses for the fulfillment of their degree program. The number of such students per year is more than 200 in the program of BCS, BIT and M.Sc. (now B.Sc. Hons.).


The Department of Computer Science since its inception is to promote computer education throughout the province. Apart from education, to produce skilled professionals for the IT labourmarket, the Department is also committed,to promote research culture in the field of Computer Science and accumulate a critical mass of researchers.
The Department of Computer Science, a future-oriented and unique institution is committed to achieving excellence in the undergraduate and graduate education, research and public service.


To become a leading institute for quality Computer Education and Research. We will try to make department the best department in Computer Science education and research in the whole country. We will also try to make it the best department of the University of Peshawar.
University of Peshawar is prominent public sector university in the region, recognized for its global perspective, diverse and supportive learning environment, having international reputation in research and creative discovery and emphasis on leadership development