Welcome to our Second Symposium on Emerging Technologies in IT

The Symposium on Emerging Technologies in IT (ETIT-2013) is another effort of the Department of Computer Science, University of Peshawar after successfully conducting the Symposium ETIT 2012. Its main purpose is to provide a platform for discussion in different fields of computer science specially the emerging technologies in the field of IT. This symposium is held at Baragali Summer campus, University of Peshawar from 25th -27th Aug 2013. There cannot be a better place than picturesque Baragali for researchers/IT professionals to get together.

The Symposium is organized with the collaboration of KP IT Board and HEC. ETIT-2013 will be of significant importance and will attract IT researchers and practitioners from almost all areas of computer science. The symposium will help bridging the gap between academia and industries.

The symposium focuses on the cutting-edge technologies in the areas of information systems, Bio-informatics, Software Engineering, Natural Language Technology, Big data, Networking, Wireless Technologies, Embedded Systems, Games Technology and their applications in the industry. The symposium will benefit the computer science faculty, students and IT companies to enrich their skills and knowledge in the field of IT. They will have a chance to meet and share their valuable expertise among the participants. The participants include re-known researchers and professionals from universities and companies of Pakistan and China, to share their valuable ideas, knowledge and expertise among the Symposium attendees. Around 150 participants are expected to attend this symposium throughout Pakistan and abroad.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to thank the keynote speaker, session chairs, and resource persons for their time and effort to make this program a success. Whole hearted thanks are due to our financial sponsors without their support this strenuous event could not have been organized. Finally, I would like to thank my colleagues in the local organizing committee for their continuous and dedicated hard work in helping to make this event a success.

I hope that you will find the program fruitful, interesting, and will enjoy your stay at Bara Gali campus.

Dr. Saeed Mahfooz - Chairman Department of Computer Science, University of Peshawar